Sealed Bid Auction

Nominet Option 1 (b)

Nominet propose:

During a time period before the domain name is deleted, interested parties submit a private bid of the amount they are willing to pay for a given domain name. If there is more than one bid, the highest bidder wins – similar to the recent auction system introduced in .ee ccTLD. The winning bidder is liable to pay the amount they bid. If only one party submits a bid, then the domain will be theirs for the normal price of registration.

Page 16 – Nominet Consulation

Current concerns over this proposal

  • This method basically requires the bidder to submit as much as they can afford
  • This method maximises the profit Nominet can make on expired domains
  • Auctions will be run privately and even the sealed bids will be private
  • Estonia is the only ccTLD to run such a system