Highly Desired Domains

Number of Names

In 2018, 1,769,802 .UK domain names were cancelled, of these:
• ~13% (229,352) were re-registered within a year
• ~5% (87,410) were re-registered within a day
• ~0.7% (12,109) were re-registered in the same timestamp they were cancelled (i.e. within a second)

See Page 8 – Nominet Consultation


The auction option is aimed at addressing the domains which are highly contested. We expect highly contested domains amount to around ~0.7% of expiring domains, those registered within a second after cancellation. It may extend to ~5%, those registered on the same day as cancellation.

See Page 14 – Nominet Consultation

Nominet propose there are two feasible auction options:

(a) Ascending price auction

(b) Sealed bid auction