Ascending Price Auction

Nominet Option 1 (a)

Nominet say:

During a time period before the domain name is deleted, interested parties pay a small nonrefundable fee (<£10) to participate in the auction for an expired domain name they wish to register. If more than one party pays to register interest then the domain is auctioned between them. If only one party pays a fee, then the domain will be theirs for the normal price of registration.

Page 16 – Nominet Consultation

Current concerns over this proposal:

  • At the moment expired domains can be re-registered at cost (£3.90 + VAT)
  • Paying £10 just to join an auction is more than double cost price
  • The auctions will be private and no one will see public auction prices
  • The cost of acquisition of any expired domain substantially increases
  • All profit is taken out of the .uk Secondary Market ecosystem
  • Many Nominet members will no longer renew their membership
  • Established auction platforms will not be able to auction expired names
  • The auction platform software is likely to be tendered to a large registrar